Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm finally here!

It seems like forever that I've been reading the blogs of everyone else thinking to myself, someday I'll have something like this wonderful outlet for my creative juices to flow freely. Then yesterday I realized duh I can write a blog too and experience the joy of sharing creative ideas, recipes, and life's little adventures. So here I am! Eagerly looking forward to becoming a part of a community with people that share many of the same interests as myself.

That leads me to who I am. I am a Mother, military wife, crafter, avid viewer of cooking shows, in home "chef", homemaker, entrepreneur, gardener, dreamer, and a Happy Girl. I was for many years a Mother that worked outside the home because the older girls were all in school, but with the recent addition of our baby girl my husband and I both agreed that we would be happiest if I stayed home. It has been my dream for years to be a homemaker to finally see this achieved was thrilling and terrifying at the same time! We went from two incomes to one, and a military income at that, so I had to become the homemaker I always wanted to be, on a budget.

I'll admit that it was a scary thought to be at home all day, being the homemaker and thinking that my home must be in perfect order at all times. I still have the occasional moment of Oh My Goodness, there is a dish in the sink! But I am getting better everyday and learning to balance it out. As my baby girl gets bigger we've come to a daily routine and even with trial and error we've come through it and learned how to make it work for us.

The hardest part of all of this change for me was having my husband being deployed to Iraq for the second time. He has been gone for almost 7 month total and he is due back home this Wednesday! We are very proud of him and the job that he does but mostly we are looking forward to wrapping our arms around him and giving him a big hug! Baby girl was only 2 months old when he left and she changed so much in the last 7 months, growing and learning and her distinct personality is showing more and more everyday. My husband is excited to see her and kiss on his littlest baby girl that he loves so much. He will be home just in time for school to be out and will have some time off to spend with all our girls, and we are looking forward to a lot of fun and creative craft projects this summer. As we complete the projcts I'll make sure to post them for all to see, I hope they are able to inspire some great projects for everyone else to try!

The last thing I have to say is that for years my Mother has been a homemaker, and at times working outside the home as well, and she has been the one that has taught me and inspired me to be a great homemaker. While we do have different styles of doing things the basic idea of doing for yourself and using your own talents and skills to make a wonderful life was the most important thing I could have learned. So what I'm really saying is that without my Mom's influence I wouldn't have the courage to be a homemaker, my dream job!, and I wouldn't be here. So ...thanks Mom!

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