Saturday, May 23, 2009

My New & Greatly Improved Garden

Such a busy weekend, between the SUPER AWESOME yard sales deals my sweet Husband and I found and the garden that we drastically enlarged and enclosed it's been really busy. But, I'm lovin' my new and improved garden and I can't wait for my veggies to mature.

Let's take a tour in the garden. First we have the previous garden.... This happened out of necessity while my sweet Husbad was still deployed. I planted all my summer veggies in pots because we live in Arizona and not only is it really hot, the ground isn't what I would call "garden friendly" lol. So its way easier and better to plant in pots and actually get your plants to grow instead of die within days! Mostly this tiny little space happened because I needed to keep the Prairie Dogs out of the veggies, they were eating them faster than I could get a fence up! lol
Previous tiny garden space...

So, my wonderful Husband went to work and built me a much bigger garden space. Not many military husbands would willing go through the trouble of building a garden like this when they live in base housing. I'm such a lucky girl!
Here is the very beginning of the new fence around the new improved garden area...

The actual fence going up...

I even got a little "gate"...!

I still have a few more plants to finish planting so I'll keep everyone updated on the progress of my fabulous new garden from my wonderful Husband!

Some of the plants in their new home...


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the hamburger bun recipe. After making them from scratch, I just can't bring myself to buy them anymore.

    What a nice garden area. Great work!

    ~Blessings & Warm Cozy Wishes

  2. It going to be great enjoying fresh summer vegetables! Enjoy!

  3. Thank you! We're so proud of our little garden. We've actually added more since those pictures. I'm going to add some udated photos once we get it all done.