Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sweet Deals

Wow, what a great week for yard sales! In Arizona we are lucky enough to have sales all year because the winter days are generally nice, but this winter with my husband gone I wasn't able to get out as often as I liked with the tiny baby. So, this weekend was such a thrill! So many great deals I can't believe it!

I wanted to find some things for the little girls, both 10 years old, to be able to play with this summer. Something new to add into the mix and give them a chance to be silly and have fun. I got all 8 of these leis for 25¢!

The little girls are in love with making up cheers so I couldn't pass up these sets of pom poms both 25¢ each.
The one thing the little girls love to do more than anything is TALK a set of Walkie Talkies in almost new condition for 50¢ was too good to pass up, they are going to love these!
I was also on the look out for some craft projects to do this summer. I still can't believe that I found this sweet deal...this box of sewing patterns, was marked 15 for $1.00 or 10¢ each. I asked if they would take $2.00 for it all and they said yes!...Acrylic box included! I counted about half and there are over 40 in there. Everything from childrens clothing to pillows and window treatments, and tons more I didn't even look at yet. Some of these I'll keep and some will go into my eBay store.
Here's another great steal from the same place as the sewing patterns, I can hardly believe this deal still...there are 6 large and 2 smaller counter cross stitch kits in this picture. I paid $6.50 for them all! They are all new and unopened and average in price at $16.00. These are also going in my eBay store.

I found these matching vintage wall decorations at a Girl Scout fund raiser yard sale, they match my pink and green theme in the kitchen that started out of no where about 10 days ago. lol I asked the lady how much for them because they weren't marked and she said, "just make them go away" I got both for $2.00! My husband was sweet enough to hang them for me the same day so I could take a picture of them.

My husband and I want to take the girls camping this year, so we couldn't believe it when we found this Weber grill at a yard sale on base just around the corner. The people are moving to a new base and just wanted to get rid of stuff. This grill is in excellent condition and will be perfect for camping this summer, we got it for $5.00!

Now for what has to be the most awesome deal we found all husband loves a rocking chair on the front porch. We have one and he was wanting a second one so we could sit together and enjoy the summer evenings togethere. We found this chair at a church sale, they were moving to a new building and wanted to get rid of tons of things they didn't want to move with them. We found a lot of great stuff but the chair was an awesome deal, in almost perfect condition we got it for $25.00! We were looking at them last weekend and the new ones at the Base Exchange were $80 and off base they were more than $ $25 was a great deal and my husband loves his new chair!

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  1. Love those wall decorations! They could work for almost any decor. And that rocker is awesome. It looks very sturdy and in great condition. Wonderful finds!

  2. WOW, what great finds you discovered. Love the wall decorations and the steal you got on the rocking chair! I'm still looking for a rocking chair, I hope I find a deal like you got :) Fingers crossed.

  3. That is a really nice rocker, and that will be fun to be able to spend time out on your front porch together :)

    The wall decorations are super cool!! I like them alot.

    I went to our boy scouts fundraising yard sale this weekend, but it was all junk :(

  4. Wow, great finds! That rocking chair is so pretty...glad you have a matching set now!

  5. Love the new rocking chair! Isn't it fun to find all those bargains?!

  6. Hi there!

    You had huge success on your bargain hunting. I love all your fun girlie finds. And you know what... I have the exact same rocking chair. And my hubby loves it too! He was the one who actually found it at a garage sale. how funny is that!

    you have great taste and I look forward to seeing more of your bargain finds.

    Well thanks for stopping by "too Blessed to Stress" I hope that you'll come back often :)

    Blessings, Emily from too Blessed to Stress