Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Running a Marathon

I was talking with April at April Showers last week about running. We were talking about how it's hard to stay motivated when you have obstacles in the way of your goals. I told her LAST week I was going to start this post for updates on my training schedule, but it didn't happen last week because...well I don't know, it just didn't. Probably because I didn't get much running in. (oops!) lol

I love to run and recently, after baby number 2, I started to run again. Somehow my best friend, who also happens to be a personal trainer and instructor of many fitness classes, talked me into training for the local marathon in December. Well ok I admit it's the 1/2 marathon. I agreed to do it knowing that I would be able to talk (aka "sucker" him into it LOL) my husband into doing it with me. He's in the military and he loves to run too so I knew I would have company in my quest to finish 12 long miles. lol

Now I figured I would start a post about my training and how it's going, the only problem is that I haven't been running that much in the last week! So basically the "training" is somewhat stuck in the planning phase. I have however been taking a lot of classes so I consider that to be part of my training, my strength and endurance training is what I like to call it. For example the yoga class I took last night, that will help me to relax when I hit mile 5 and want to least that's what I'm telling myself right now.

Part of my issue is that in Arizona in the summer it's HOT, really hot. It's going to be over 100 all week, actually it's supposed to be "cool" this week and only be around 102-103 each day. Now I don't point this out for pity I've lived here most of my life so I'm used to it, BUT it does make the time I can go outside to training very limited because I have to take the baby with me. That's 30lbs of weight I have to push around in the heat if I want to train! I do go to the gym but I have to do it when my husband is home to watch her because the gym doesn't have a daycare....but they do have these awesome new treadmills that have a built in fan...*love it*

So, this is my first post/update on my marathon "training" and I haven't really even got started. I can run a decent mile but the speed isn't the problem for me it's the endurance to go 12 miles that is. So I'm putting this out there for all to ready so that the peer pressure of knowing I'm accountable will get me going! LOL

I have all the tools I need to get going, I got some new shoes....I generally go with the Asics brand because they are the BEST running shoes, but this time I decided to try something new, well Nike's aren't "new" but they are to me because I never wear them.... so I'll let you know how they work out for me. I also got a Polar watch that has a heart monitor and will track my time and all the information I need to know to get "training'! I have no more excuses. I've never told my best friend that I'm going to do something that I didn't do my best to accomplish and I don't plan on it now.

If anyone else is training for a marathon or is just a runner because they love it, stop by and tell me your story. I can use a good motivational story right now, of course I could also use a lemon pound cake from Starbucks...but that's not going to help my "training" any! lol

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