Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why I LOVE Blogging

I am currently 1 class away from finishing my degree in marketing. I am taking classes online and the class that I am taking at the moment is an eBusiness class. It's been really interesting to learn in more detail some of the concepts dealing with eBusiness that I was already some what knowledgeable on and because I am in the process of trying to start my own eBusiness the timing couldn't be more perfect!

This week the instructor posted a note about blogging and how to get started for the class. I just started my blog a few weeks ago so I added my two cents in on the topic. I thought that I would share with everyone else what I love about blogging.

I am very realistic that not every person that blogs is as excited about homemaking and crafting as I am. I also know that not everyone wants to make their own laundry soap or bake fresh bread but the beauty of blogging to me is that there is a community out there for everyone. No matter what your interest is there are other people out there that are also interested and they are talking about it.

So far those have been the only topics I have touched on and because my blog is so new people probably think that is all I am interested in. I realized when looking over the posts that I have so far that I haven't really posted much that is the rest of who I am. I am a much more than just a homemaker and a Mom and from now on I am not going to resist the urge to speak up when I see something hilarious or outrageous, because I know that there is SOMEONE else out there that will find them just as hilarious or outrageous as I do.

This is the true beauty of blogging, there is always someone that has just as weird of a sense of humor, same religious beliefs, same political opinion, whatever it is you want to talk about… as you! There is a community online for everyeone and a way to connect with those people is blogging. I highly suggest it to everyone, because they said on the news the other night that we replace 1/2 of our friends every 7 years and that the number of overall friends people have is directly linked to the number of opportunities we have to meet new people. I'm a Mom with 4 kids, I stay home with them all day....I need some friends! lol

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