Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok, so my husband and I are moving overseas to Germany and there are SO MANY people asking me questions all the time about the move that I started a new blog. The new blog is called Confessions of a Travelista and it will feature the stories of our move, currently in progress, and our new life in Germany. Happy Girl will continue to be my daily life and trials so don't stop reading! In fact you can count on a lot more posts on this blog as well as the new blog.

This is the part where I beg for referals! sad I know. I am really looking to make my new blog a HUGE success and while Happy Girl doesn't have a lot of followers that's because most of the people reading it are spoiled (you know who you and I just send them the link when I post something new. Please please on the "follow" button so that people know that I am interesting and worth reading. Also, if you know anyone that might find what I have to say interesting and maybe even have some helpful information for me please refer me to them as well.

I hope everyone has a fantabulous day!!


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