Thursday, September 3, 2009

The big cleanse

My best friend's brother owns a company call BioFusion that makes health supplements. They are great products and there is a wide variety of stuff that the make from daily supplements to pain cream for hard workouts and everything in between.

Today I am trying the 4 day cleanse kit aka
 Internal Restoration System. It's designed to help clean out all the toxins that we put into our bodies everyday from food and drinks to the air we breath. The system is easy, it's mostly just drinking stuff and it does all the work for you!

Here's what the website says about the kit....

"Internal Restoration System is Biofusion’s most comprehensive full body organ recovery program; it is the most complete, gentle, effective rejuvenation program that allows your body’s internal system to rest, restore and rebalance itself. This results in weight loss, mental lucidity, increasing metabolism, and re-shifting the body’s hormonal axis.

Biofusion’s IRS system gives the body’s internal organs and cellular tissues photochemical and nutrients they need for optimal function. 
The IRS is an easy to follow 4 – day program
Internal cleansing is a natural, everyday process of the body. Eliminating toxins is essential to our survival. It is the doorway to optimal health. In today’s highly polluted world, our bodies can be easily overwhelmed. When this happens we begin to accumulate toxins and tax our internal systems. Our bodies try to protect us from these toxins by storing them in our cells, mucus, and fat, waiting for a time when they can be eliminated. Unless we periodically help our bodies by cleansing, this accumulation can lead to a toxic overload."
I'm excited about the next 4 days and I'll keep everyone posted on my progress! 

If you see something on the website that you like let me know and I will have it shipped directly to you!

Day 1 Recap: Ok, so here's the deal on the cleanse. You don't eat for 4 days while you are taking all the vitamins and drinking lots of juice and water. I did well most of the day, but by the night time my head was really hurting from not eating enough. I am hypoglycemic so I think that has a lot to do with it because everyone else that I know that has done this was fine. So today I will probably have one or two small snacks like fruit because its what my body needs. I'm sure that it will affect everyone differently so I'm hoping that with the small adjustment today I will not see the same result. Stay tuned to see what happens!

Days 2-4 Recap: Ok, so the not eating for 4 days did not work for me. I made sure to eat a little something each day so that I could function. I'm not sure that this cleanse was for me, but I do know MANY people that it did work wonders for so if you want to give it a try anyway please  let me know and I will have it sent to you.

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