Monday, September 7, 2009

Computer venting...

So I was having a ton of issues with my laptop recently and it ended up in the repair shop. It was 6 years old and it was getting slow and slower by the moment. In it's defense I did have a lot of stuff on it that I was in the process of cleaning up, after all I did use it for college and personal and business for those 6 years so it was doing more than its fair share of the work. To make a long and tradegic story short and sweet, my laptop got a REALLY bad virus, even with a CURRENT Norton download, and then the repair dude (he's seriously like 14 so he's a dude not a guy) got all my photos and other data off of it and the entire system had to be trashed and will have to be downloaded again.

So out of the fire comes the Phoenix, aka my new HP desktop! This computer is so much faster and has literally more than 8 times the RAM of the laptop, more storage than you can shake a stick at and I can now run all of the programs and email that I want without having to close anything at all so that I can blog! I love my new computer. So I have no more excuses for not updating my blog on a regular basis...that is until my "stuff" gets packed up and shipping on a slow boat to Germany.

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