Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Proud Mama Moments

Today was one of those days when I had several what I like to call "proud mama moments" with my baby girl Shelby Grace that is one year old. I've been watching her the last few weeks and I've noticed that she has really started to physically transform from being a baby to being a toddler (so sad that she's growing up so fast!). Aside from the part where she learned to walk she has also started doing many things that she never did before just because it didn't occur to her to do them, like being silly for the sake of being silly. Watching her try to make jokes or do something just to make me laugh is so much fun! She's become Mama's little help, she likes to take things to other people for me and to help me clean up her toys. It's super sweet that she loves to help me so much.

This afternoon I let her go outside to the cul de sac and play with her big sister and the other kids from the street that were out. One of the other kids is her age so it works out well for them, they love to play together. I thought that instead of her having to hold someone's hand the whole time, she does walk but she still like some help when its a new place or new terrain, that I would take out her walk that she loves. I left her outside for a few minutes with her sister to check on dinner and when I went back outside she was running, as fast as her tiny legs would carry her, across the circle to chase the big kids. I couldn't believe it! My little baby that is just 1 was playing  with all the big kids and running around and having the time of her life. Now, I know what this must sound like, I left her unattended playing in the street?!....uh NO. There were a ton of the big kids from the neighborhood ranging from 10 to teenagers in the circle at the same time and there were other parents on the drive ways all watching the kids. Perfectly safe.

When it was time to come in I did not have a "proud mama moment", she had the biggest fit! She was not ready to stop playing and she definitely was not ready to come inside and have dinner. It was so cute to see her try to have this gigantic fit. I was trying not to laugh at her as she was kicking and yelling and trying to get out of my hands so she could continue to run the streets with the other kids. It didn't last long but it was cute while it lasted and I won, she came in and she had dinner and so all is good.

Shelby is getting to the point where she wants to do big people stuff and she wants to do stuff for herself. It's not easy that she's growing so fast and while I do love watching her learn and get big it can be sad too. The hardest part of being a Mama is having to let go of your kids and let them do for themselves. But the biggest reward is watching them learn to do for themselves and grow to wear they don't have to rely on you 100%. She's not a baby anymore and she's becoming a loving little toddler with lots of spunk and strong opinions that wants to do things her way. I can't imagine where she gets that from!

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