Friday, October 2, 2009

Proud Not Angry Mom

Recently my husband received an email at work that came down from Brigadier General Timothy Byers, USAF Civil Engineering. This email was sent out to all personnel regarding an email he had received from a Mother that had recently lost her son in the war. This email is a shinning example of the stories of this war that go untold, the proud people that are not angry when they more than anyone have the right to be. This family understands that there son and brother was not only proud to serve but was willing to give his life so that the people of the United States could continue to live as we do day to day. He was willing to give his life so that those who oppose the war can continue to stand outside the main gates of military bases across the country and protest the war and many times those that are serving. They PROTEST those men and women that are willing to give their life so that they have the right to PROTEST. How ironic.

This is the letter from the Mother of SSgt Bryan Berky, she was proud of her son when she could have easily been angry and in losing her son she found something she didn't expect. Family. 

From: Sonya Berky
Sent: Sunday, September 20, 2009 12:11 AM
To: Byers, Timothy A Brig Gen Mil USAF AF/A7C
Subject: Our Son Bryan Berky

I'm so sorry, I don't remember if we meant in Delaware, Gainesville or both.
This past week has been a blurr. We just wanted to say Thank you.  Through
this whole tradgedy the AirForce has been with my family every step. We could
not have made it through this without you. I am not talking the financial end
of things although that has been so very generous. John  (can't at this time
remember his whole rank and such) was a God send to my Daughter in law,
Grandson and us. All any of us had to do was look his way and he was right
there ready to help, be it with a question we had or holding us up. We lost
Bryan on Sept.12 and at the same time gained the largest family possable, the
Airforce. We are honored to be a part of this.

Thankfully we have only run into 2-3 negative people. I caught on to their
game pretty quick. Like this war is wrong or there was no reason for Bryan to
have been there etc... I'm sure you have heard them all. My answer to them was
"The Airforce did not take my son. Bryan chose to serve and protect this
country and us after 9-11 happened and loved his job. Bryan made the ultimate
scarafice. They should be angry at the ones that took my baby from us (and all
the other brave soliders) not their own country. It's because of the military
you can stand here or anywhere you please and say this, I would end with Thank
you for coming." I know they were surprised I did not see eye to eye with them
after all I had just lost a son and it left them speechless. I had to smile
because I knew this is what Bryan would have said amoung other things. Like
kiss my a** why are you here? Go over there and live if you don't like all the
freedoms we have here. That would be my baby. Of course he would used the
really colorfull words.

I have to admit that last weekend I told Jeremy that he was not going in the
Airforce as planed. Jeremy and Bryan have had many talks about Jeremy
enlisting. Jeremy told us Tuesday he still wants to enlist. What can a parent
say after everything we have been though this week? We had lost our first born
already and the fear of losing another is unbearable. We sucked it up and and
said it was his choice and we support his decision. Look for another Berky
sometime after the new year. Jeremy will be finishing his AA from Santa Fe
Dec.11 and as he said "Depending on how we (Mom & Dad) are doing decides when
he goes in." We could not be prouder of our boys. Bryan was so very proud to
Serve and we have always been proud of Bryan. Bryan's Airforce family meant so
much to him.

You have a great bunch of men and women serving and may God bless each and
everyone of you for the scarafices you all make everyday on behalf of this

I'm sorry I am rambling but I had to let you know just how much I appreciate
the love and care you have given my family.

 Thank you for your time,

 Signed not an angry Mom but a very proud one !!
      Sonya, Bill and Jeremy Berky

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