Saturday, January 9, 2010


Generally I am not one to make a bunch of crazy New Year's Resolutions that I know I will not be able to keep up with past February. That also means I'm not one of those people that swears in the New Year I will be a perfect parent, 20 lbs lighter, and find the exact perfect color and style for my hair that will make me an instant sensation at the new PTA meeting (in fact I don't even go to the PTA meetings so I know for sure that will never happen!). I am however saddened deeply that after starting my blog last year that I did such an abysmal job of keeping up with it once my life started to get a little crazy and we moved to Germany.

Today when I opened my dashboard I noticed that its really been since October since my last post....OCTOBER.  It doesn't seem to me that its been that long however I must say that I am feeling sufficiently deficient in keeping up with the blog. Therefore, I am setting 1 NYR this year (hopefully not to be forgotten by February) I will stay on top of my blog and post on a very regular basis. I have after all many interesting stories and lots of interesting things that I take photos of to post so this shouldn't be a problem.....laziness however is. So, I guess my actual New Years resolution is to not be too lazy to type....(yes I know that it's totally sad that I am that lazy most days)....

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