Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge 53

Earlier this week I was poking around online and I ran into this fabulous blog called the sweetest thing. The day that I found this blog the first post was a weekly challenge called the Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge. The idea is that a basic layout of a card is posted and everyone makes a card based on that layout with their own interpretation!

I was sooo excited that I finally have a reason to use my Cricut, not that I have needed one yet, but this was a really good reason to get to know it better! You see I got my Cricut for Christmas and I have been playing with it but so far I have not had a reason to really put it to use, and honestly I'm still learning the best and most efficient ways to use it. So here is the challenge sketch for this week...

...and this is the card that I made...

I even made sure to make the inside pretty to look at too...

Not too bad for my first project with my new Cricut. I have to admit I had very little time to work on it and as soon as I was finished with what I was doing I thought about all the other things I could have added to it to make it "better" so I'll just count that as a lesson learned.

While I was working on this card I had several more ideas for this layout so I had to write them down quickly so I wouldn't forget them. I think having a direct is really helpful when you are trying to be creative.  I can't wait to do this every week - I'm so glad that I found the blog!

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