Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ebates & Other Online Rebate Sites

So I have been posting about different online sales that I can find since we live overseas now. While there is a decent selection of stores in some of the larger cities they aren't the stores that I know and love. To be honest it's been a little bit of a challenge to find some of the things that I need (or want) in the local stores. So I have to turn to the internet to get those items. 

One site that I have been using recently, just the last few months really, is Ebates. Ebates is an online rebate site that you sign up on, it's free, and then when you want to shop you simply go to their site - sign in - find the store you want to shop at and click on the link. 

So I know you are thinking, it sounds to good their must be a catch. Well, the only catch that I have found is that they are tracking shopping habits as well as clicks, as in what you are clicking on to view. Sites like these are designed to track what you are buying and the information is resold to companies looking for real marketing data from actual users. So if you don't have any weird shopping habits, or if you do and you don't care that someone is tracking it, then you really should give a site like Ebates a try. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using Ebates:

1. CASH - that's right I said get CASH. Ebates pays the cash that you have earned on your purchases once a quarter. You can get your cash either by check in the mail or direct deposit into your Paypal account (this is what I do since I don't like going to the bank and it's one less thing on my to do list).

2.Stores - There are hundreds of store on the list to choose from and good ones too. These aren't stores that you've never heard of unless you haven't heard of stores like Old Navy, Target, or Ebay...that's right Ebay. The store are not just for clothing items, there are also jewelery, travel, finance, electronics, office supplies and a lot more!

3. Percent - When you look at the list of stores it will tell you right next to the name what percent they store is currently offering. I personally love Old Navy and they give really good discounts! The lowest I've seen any store is 2%. Now this might not sound like a lot but over 3 months if you shop online a lot like I do you will see it really add up. Old Navy has had the highest percent back that I have seen and it was 10%! Actually, they've done that several times in the last few months. 

4. Free Shipping - Most of the stores offer free shipping of some kind on their website occassionally, generally with a purchase of a certain amount and for a limited time.  With Ebates you can get free shipping codes to use in addition to the percent back - even when they aren't offering it on their website.

5. Double Cash Back - Everyday a different store is featured as the "Daily Double". Today's "Daily Double" is The GAP at 8%! I do love the GAP and it can get pricey but when you have 8% cash back it's a lot easier to treat yourself to something nice!

Like I said before the only down side I know of for this site is that they do track your shopping habits, but to me that's ok, especially if it means that the companies that I like to shop online will offer even better discounts and coupons in the future.

Happy shopping!

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