Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day Strings

For some reason I have really been in the mood for Valentine's Day lately. I generally like the holiday, I mean who does't love chocolate and flowers and a date with their special one, but it's just not something I really get in to like other holidays. I usually don't decorate for Valentine's Day and I would say the chances are very slim that I would be wear something red deliberately on that particular day. I'm not a Scrooge about the day, I just don't go all out for it. Something is different this year and I haven't been able to put my finger on what it is. But, I have been able to make some time to do a little V-Day crafting.

Over the long weekend, it was long for us because my daughter was out of school on Friday for a grading day, and it was snowing all weekend which of course is the perfect crafting weather! My oldest daughter and I decided to make some decorations for our front windows.. I got this idea from How About Orange with a few changes to the way we constructed the strings. I always try to use what I have on hand to make crafts and I love to use recycled materials!

What you will need for this project:

Paper - Varying colors and styles will add interest so just use what you have on hand! You only need a about 6 hearts for each string so the amount of paper will vary depend on how many you plan to do.

String/Ribbon - Anything you have on hand that isn't too wide will do.

Adhesive - Any type of general craft adhesive will do. Glue will take some time to dry so it wouldn't be my first choice but if it's all you have it will certainly work! Glue dots, scrapbook mounting square, glue stick etc...

Scissors - Make sure to use kid safe scissors if you plan to have your children help you with this project!

Ruler & Pencil /Paper cutter - If you happen to have a paper cutter that is the easiest way. If you do not have one then a ruler and pencil to mark and measure with will do fine also.

Here is what we did:

Measure & Cut - We took several different colors of paper; white, pink & red all in varying weights (it doesn't really matter what type of paper it is as long as it can hold a crease. Measure and cut into 3/4" strips. You will need 6 for each string so cut as many as you plan to do. To make this even more interesting you can cut some pieces in varying lengths and widths so your hearts will vary in size.

Fold - We folded the paper in half to make a crease.

Curl - Then we used a good old fashioned pencil to curl the ends of the paper towards the center.

Cut - We used scissors to make a tiny cut in the crease we made,

Placement - I used standard old 1/8" craft ribbon in white. To place the hearts I simply put the ribbon through the cut at the bottom of the heart that we made and then placed a glue square on one of the curled ends and then I stuck'em together on top of the ribbon like a little sandwich. Super easy! Just place about 6 hearts in random placement along the ribbon and you're done!

You could easily add giltter glue, buttons or beads to make this project even more fun - we just didn't have any that day. Use what you have to make what you want...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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