Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Mail

A while ago I talked about a new blog/service that I had found called Happy Mail. I have been doing Happy Mail for several months now and I have to say that I really love it! Happy Mail makes me happy, it's exciting waiting each month to see who your new partner is and what you will get in your box. Then there is the fun of putting together a box for your partner, I love this part because it's so much fun trying to find things that will make your partner happy and who doesn't love making someone else happy? I love it so much that I have the button right over there (--->) and I even listed Happy Mail on the list of blogs I love, and as you can see there aren't that many so to me that means a lot.

Happy Mail is a service run by a great lady named Jamie (Hi Jamie!) . Basically, it's a group of people, I think all women but not because it's limited to women that's just who is involved, and each month you get assigned a new partner. You send out a card/letter and a box valued at least $10.00. What goes inside the box is totally up to you, however each person has filled out a survey that you get at the beginning of the month so you can try to send items that are of interest to them. You get to have the fun of the shopping and a little help too so you can make it special for your partner like they are doing for you.

I have received some really interesting things in my boxes and some things that I can't use, but I can share those items with others so that's a nice part of it too! Here's a small list of some of the items that I have received:

Handmade scrapbook items
Postage Stamps (used stamps for many different countries)
Tons of misc paper supplies (these are some of my favs!)
...and much much more...

If you love crafting or swapping then I suggest you take a look at Happy Mail. Originally when I signed up for Happy Mail it was a free service and then with all the hard work Jamie puts into the site she started charging a very small fee, I think I pay $2 per month, which I think is more than reasonable for all she does. There are even giveaways on her blog that everyone gets to enter into.

I have had some really great partners each month and it's been so great to meet new people and make new pen pals, if you are looking for more ways to be a Happy Girl then I suggest you take a look and sign up for Happy Mail and spread some happiness.


  1. This post makes me smile great big!!! =)
    Thank you so much, Mandy! I'm so glad you've had so much fun with it!!!!

  2. How cool! I will have to try this out once I get all moved and settled...

  3. This sounds like fun but i dont know if i qualify as im prob not in the same country :(