Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

Do you ever have those days where you just have a ton of odd random thoughts? I had one yesterday.  Here are just a couple of my many random thoughts for the day, in no particular order...

Bing. Seriously? I want to know who was using Google and one day decided that it wasn't good enough for them with all of it's fancy high technology, add ins, and user friendly pages. There is seriously nothing you can't do with Google. If you are that guy that decided you could do something without Google and set out to create your own monstrosity of a search engine to try to prove it I'd like to tell you that you failed, miserably. Bing is like a discount store with a lot of stuff that looks oddly familiar...could it be that it looks JUST LIKE GOOGLE? Seriously take a look at the list that pops up if you search something on Bing and it looks just like a Google list. Needless to say I am a huge fan of Google, and rightly so because, it - does - everything. We don't need useless search engines that don't work, at least not when I have tried to use it search for...anything, so just go away.

Now that I am off my soap box about that enormously irritating waste of time and resources that I like to call Bing lets move on to something much more important. I was driving home from dropping off my rented movies and I saw a couple of teenagers resting in the grass on the side of the road. No big deal. As I saw them I though - Oh look a gaggle of teenagers on the side of the road precariously close to the road/sidewalk. Then I thought, it's actually only 2 teenagers, so is that technically a gaggle? So of course I had to look it up and WikiAnwers, and yes I know how "completely reliable' it is as a source, says that to have a gaggle you have to have at least 7 geese. Now I know that gaggle is only reserved for geese but I like the word and I use it. But I can't help but wonder why 7? I mean is is based is science or is it just a personal opinion? IF anyone knows the answer to that one I'd like to know.

I had one more random thought but I'm not ready to randomly type it yet so I'll save it for later. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I have not even bothered to look at Bing!! What a load of rubbish, I'm never going to bother looking at it whats the point? Another thing to get used to? No thank you!