Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moisture Makes Everything Better

Two things that make me a Happy Girl are All You Magazine because they have tons of great advice for real women. They have great outfits that are made of pieces you can afford to buy, recipes that have ingredients you can actually find in your grocery and a lot of input from other readers that are actual real women with real lives just like you and me...and so much more! I love it and you should too! 

The second thing that makes me a Happy Girl are free samples! All You has daily free samples! Today's free sample is a Free Tub of Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Wipes. If you are like me and have a little one that is just getting ready to potty train then a this is a great sample to try out. Also, if you just like a nice clean bottom after you've conducted "business" then this is for you too!

Just click here and follow the link on the All You page, fill out some super easy info about you, recommend it to a friend (as it turns out I have a potty trainee and a friend that loves a clean bottom after her "business" so this was win-win for me) and bottom wipes! Ok, well they send you a coupon for a free tub which is just as sweet!


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