Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Thoughts #2

So it's been awhile since my last, and coincidentally first, random thoughts post so it felt like time to share some random thoughts I've been having lately. Here it goes...

1. Blogs with disgusting photos of food - This on is especially disturbing to me because I love blogs and I love cooking - I just hate people that write blogs about what wonderful recipes they have. I'd like to say that most of the recipes really aren't that healthy to begin with, strike one. Then to make it worse they take photos of their "delicious" food that makes it look like a pile of vomit and have the audacity to post them for all to see, strike two. Then they goosh about how they love that they are a modern woman that takes care of their family and cooks all their meals at home, because after all they are perfect, yet their food is full of crap you should never eat like processed garbage they got on sale for 29¢ a box that can feed 10, strike three.., now get a clue feed your family something nutritional and learn to take a photo of your food that doesn't make me what to run for the trash can.

2. Card catalog - I was driving the other day past the newly remodeled and recently reopened local library the other day. I got to thinking about the library and the fact that I never go to the library anymore. You see I was the very happy and super duper luck wife that got a Reader for Christmas a couple years ago and I love love love it! So I don't have a need to go to the library to check out books. My oldest daughter uses the library at her school and my youngest is just now old enough to go to the library and sit for story time and understand borrowing a book.

(Note - This does not mean that she has not been exposed to books, she loves to read but we've got a good selection of children's books at home. So if your blog falls into category 1 for today don't even think about using this as a chance to point out my short comings as a Mother, I do that very well on my own.)

So as I was thinking about the library I was thinking how I miss the card catalog. You see i love to do research and I always have, yes I am THAT exciting in real life! So the catalog was so exciting you had to LOOK for something, it wasn't as easy as typing a few words into a search box and getting 10 million results. I love the cards, the thrill of the hunt, and the excitement when the book you were looking for was there! Don't get me wrong I love technology, but I something childhood things you can't forget.

My final random thought for the day. This occurred to me when I was at the doctor's office and of course there was no clock in the room I was waiting in. I got to thinking about places that don't have things that you were expect that they would be.

3. Las Vegas - A Mini Bar Free Zone - Really?! Ok I get that the casinos want you downstairs gambling because let's face it that's how they make money. However, I do not see how a well stocked mini bar, or even a not so well stocked bar, could destroy one's desire to gamble so much that it's completely unheard of in Las Vegas hotel rooms. Seriously, what if I'm on the fence if I want to go out late or not. If i have a drink or two it might get me in the mood to party. What if I just want a Snickers bar while I'm getting ready to drop it like it's hot? Seriously Vegas, you are missing out on a great opportunity to make some more money and that is what you really like to do isn't it? I want to give you MORE money so that I don't have to go down to the bar to get a drink to take it back to my room so I can drink it while I'm getting ready to go back down to gamble. Duh. Take my money! By the way, that glass that has your name on it that I got when I went down to get a drink so that I could go back to my room with it so that I could drink it while I was getting ready to drop it like its hot...yeah it looks great in my kitchen cabinet.

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