Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Farm Rich Review - Mini Quesadillas

I was asked to review a product from Farm Rich. Farm Rich is a line of ready to heat and serve snack foods - everything from french toast sticks to cheese sticks. For a complete listing of their products click here. For this review I decided to sample the Mini Quesadillas. In general my family really enjoys Mexican food so quesadillas were an obvious choice for us.

One very nice thing about this product is that its so easy to heat that my 12 year old made them for herself and her friend that was over to the house and me - they enjoyed "cooking" for themselves! It was nice to have a snack that I didn't have to prepare for a change! Their products are well  made, tasty, and a reasonable price. They offer a really big variety to choose from so you could easily feed a crowd with plenty of variety.

I have to be honest - this is not the type of product that I would normally purchase. I tend to be a "from scratch" or at least "semi-homemade" kind of girl - most of the time. There are those occasions when you either didn't know you were going to have company or maybe you just don't have time/ingredients/etc to whip up just the right treat or in our case a 12 year old that loves to cook for her friends (and her Mom). I have to say that given the right situation and need that the Farm Rich line is a great way to prepare something quickly that is yummy and satisfying.

* This is a sponsored review of the Farm Rich line *

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog Hop!

I love a good blog hop, it's a great way to find really cool blogs to add to my reader! Check'em out...